Caffé Riccardi s.r.o. is business company which was established in Bratislava with aim to provide Slovak market with original Italian coffee. The coffee is produced in our manufactory in Italy which is recognised in world of coffee for extraordinary high quality of production process. The process is controlled in all its phases – beginning with roasting of coffee beans and finishing by packaging of coffee in controlled atmosphere. Our goal is to provide you with always fresh and price- friendly products which are tailored to your actual needs. Fresh coffee for you – directly from producer!

What makes us different?

With us you will get 100% original and typical Italian product of the highest quality – all phases from production to sales are managed exclusively by  Italian personnel which has great experience in the coffee production. Additionally, offering true Italian coffee means to us also offer unique and innovative services on Slovak market which are tailored to needs of each client. Now you have opportunity to enjoy them – contact us!

Our mission

There are lot of ways how to buy Italian coffee. We would like to introduce to our clients Italian way of buying coffee which is in Italy typically accompanied with service. You may enjoy this service only with us.

Why to shop with us

We offer only fresh quality products which are even practical. When it comes to these features of our products we  don’t accept any compromise. Our specialty is to offer mono-portioned and eco-friendly product which is very popular and fancied because of its capability to conserve aroma and taste of Italian coffee during all the time. This is possible because the product is produced and packed in controlled atmosphere by specialised Italian company. Drinking of our coffee is very different experience also considering aesthetics and image. You will discover this by your own..

As we want to guarantee high quality standard of our products its availability is limited according to philosophy of the producer. Last but not least, the fact we are pioneers in new tendencies of tastes of coffee proves this is original product and pure Italian made quality. This means we can offer you the newest aromas and tastes available in the market.

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