How we produce coffee

Have a look at the following scheme to understand better the production process and characteristics of final product:

Green beans

Purchase of selected beans of certified quality coming from regions which are main producers of coffee: South America, Central America, Africa and Asia.


Our roasting process gives priority to quality instead of quantity. Our process is quite unique and hardly you find something similar by brands which produce high quantities of coffee.  In other words, we prefer to obtain more quality with less quantity.


Immediately after roasting is the coffee deposited and left to be at rest for few days in special silos.

At this stage (after resting period in silos) the coffee may continue in two directions:


Coffee beans are packed into special bags of different weights (usually 250 g, 500 g or 1000 g).


Coffee beans continue the process, they are transported by special tube to a mill which grind beans.

There is another machine connected to the grinder – this one packs ground coffee into special package made from eco-friendly food paper known as POD. POD keeps the freshness and aroma thanks to controlled atmosphere in which the process is done.

POD itself is then packed in protection case which permits to keep same freshness and taste for two years.

Capsules and  Nespresso * compatible capsules are produced by similar process.


*Nespresso® is registered brand of Nestlé

kavova kapsulacaffe in podnespresso kapsule

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